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Hangover poster



Three strangers wake up in an uncomfortable room without an exit. With no idea of where they are and of how they got there, they all suffer from the same common evil- A terrible hangover. Will they manage to to get out from this situation they are in?

This performance is born from the ambition of putting three men in a room and simply doing "physical theater" and having as a starting point the inspiration on Charles Ray "Plank Piece" ( Charles Ray hanged over a wooden plank).

Conceito and Dramaturgy - Kristian Winther, Mads Sjgrd Petterson e Joo Pamplona 
Interpretation - Gilberto Oliveira, Joo Pamplona e Martinho Silva
Cenography - Kristian Winther, Mads Sjgrd Petterson
Costomes - Andreia Leandro
Light designer - Manuel Alo
Production and sound - Cristiana Gaspar

2007- Premiere in Nordland Teater (Moirana/NO) ; Stamstund International Theater Festival (Lofoten/NO)
2012- Festival Manobras no Porto (Porto/ PT
2013- Imaginarius International Street Festival ( Santa Maria da Feira/ PT) ; 18 Acaso Theater Festival (Leiria/ PT)

Hangover from Joo Pamplona on Vimeo.